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Aboriginal Creative Design is offering an online Virtual Design & Coding Camp

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Unleash Creativity: Join Our Virtual Summer Design & Coding Camp for Kids!

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey of creativity and innovation this summer? We’re thrilled to announce our 4-week Virtual Summer Design & Coding Camp for children, happening throughout July 2023! At Aboriginal Creative Design, we believe in nurturing young minds and empowering them with valuable skills in design and coding. Our interactive virtual camp promises a fun-filled learning experience that will unleash your child’s creative potential.

Week 1: Design Discovery

In the first week of our camp, your child will dive into the fascinating world of design. Led by our experienced instructors, they’ll explore the fundamental principles of graphic design, discovering how to bring their ideas to life using cutting-edge software. From designing logos to creating eye-catching posters, this week will ignite their artistic spark!

Week 2: Web Wizards

In the second week, your child will step into the role of a web wizard! They’ll learn the essentials of web development, constructing their own interactive websites from scratch. With hands-on projects and real-time feedback, they’ll master HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, building confidence as they create captivating web pages.

Week 3: Digital Animation Adventure

Prepare for an exhilarating journey into the world of animation in week three! Kids will explore the magical realm of digital animation, discovering how to breathe life into characters and scenes. Using industry-leading animation software, they’ll create their own animated stories that captivate audiences.

Week 4: Coding Conundrums

In the final week of our camp, we’ll challenge your child with exciting coding conundrums. From coding puzzles to mini-games, they’ll hone their problem-solving skills while having a blast. Our skilled instructors will mentor them as they explore the limitless possibilities of coding.

Why Choose Our Virtual Camp?
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Don’t miss this incredible opportunity for your child to unleash their creativity and explore the exciting world of design and coding. Enroll now for our Virtual Summer Design & Coding Camp, and let your little one’s imagination soar!

Join us at Aboriginal Creative Design as we embark on an unforgettable journey of learning, growth, and creativity. See you in July 2023 for an extraordinary summer camp experience!

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